Selection Process

A Smarter Way to Enhancing Quality of Life

Our specialized services offer support to agencies, organizations and institutions that work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors who are experiencing behavioural, social,
emotional and psychiatric difficulties.

We provide a professional and individualized approach to a Client-Centered Support system, reinforcing safety of the individual while contributing to specific client needs in their environment. Our Staff work to effectively manage challenging behaviors’ of clients within a variety of settings.

At Front Line Health Care we offer a smarter way to staff selection. Our clients rely on us to provide qualified, reliable and caring professionals to implement a high level of service to
clients and patients that require unique care.

It starts with the right people.

Our Staff are experienced, dedicated and skilled workers. They bring a wide range of skills developed from years of experience working with high-need individuals, families and service providers.

They are particularly skilled in providing support to children, youth, adults and seniors who are exhibiting moderate to severe behaviour as a result of emotional, developmental and psychiatric difficulties.

Integrated Software

Front Line Health Care’s customized database gives us the ability to custom match our qualified applicants with the specific requirements of our clients. By inputting the data received from the candidate’s resumé, test results and the interview, this process ensures that the right fit is achieved for every job order.


TOEFL is a comprehensive training program designed to assess an applicant’s communication and interpersonal skills. This addresses both verbal and nonverbal communication; applicants learn how active listening skills and feedback are part of effective communication.

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